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Onslaught Tips of Play



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Post by [RMD]rOckaliEn » Sat Aug 07, 2021 5:31 pm

Onslaught Tips of Play

• Like Capture the Flag, killing means very little, the objectives are everything. This means if you aren't fighting near an important node, you aren't helping your team.
• What nodes should you be attacking? Well, there are A LOT of possibilites. The obvious node to attack would be the next in the link setup. Meaning, attack the next enemy node that isn't locked. However, you may also want to attack the enemy trying to repair or build a node that may even be locked for your team. This will slow them down, even if you can't take that node.
• The beginning is VERY important. If you are in your base loading up, you are hurting your team. You should grab the weapons in the nearest locker, grab a vehicle, then head towards a node. Now, if you are coordinating well, you should have 1 guy head for the nearest node and build it up as fast as possible while a few guys head for the middle node. The person that grabs the Manta should head for the first node, since it will get them there the fastest. The first node should be built almost the same time your team hits the next node. You can also send some people for the farther out node that is connected as well, but you don't have to rush and nab that one as fast as you need to go for the middle point (since both teams can hit it right after the first node).
• Heal your nodes! If you spawn and see your node is hurt, heal it first, then move on. So many nodes are left very weak while their team doesn't realize it.
• If you have no nodes left and your base is under attack, don't have your entire team defend... you need to take back the near node. You have no chance of winning if you can't regain that node, so be the hero and try and take it back or at least destroy it and slow them down. If you can take that node, the enemy can no longer attack your core, so it is a MUCH better option then just slowing your defeat by only defending your core.
• Defend your nodes. In some situations, defending a certain node is much more important. For instance, if your team has all the nodes and can attack the core, maybe you should stay and defend the last node instead of attacking the core like the rest of your team. If the other team is smart, they will send people to try and destroy your node, and nothing is more frustrating than attacking the core or a node and then get cut off because your team didn't hold the node connecting it.
• When healing/attacking nodes, don't do it standing still. Seems like the only way people know how to kill other is by running them over, so don't make yourself an easy target... dodge around, jump up and down, strafe back and forth, MOVE while attacking/healing a node. Keep your aim on the node while circling around it. When you are dealing with a node, you usually can't see too much else so you can get blindsided easily... make it harder on your enemy by moving around while attacking a node.
• The most common strategy in Onslaught is to rush the central node as quickly as possible and get the match down to the last node. Once it becomes a battle over the last node and your team has control of the majority of the vehicles in a map, the match is essentially over.
• When SuperWeapons are enabled and a map has the Redeemer, this weapon is often sought after as you can destroy a node in one shot with it. However, be careful shooting this from long distances away as they can be shot down in mid air and do no damage at all. The Target Painter is also heavily used in certain maps as it can severely damage a full health node.
• In competitive play, Onslaught plays much differently. With coordination, it is actually not hard to get back the last node and start to build up a defense on many maps. One thing that facilitates this is having more than one person using vehicles, which is something that pub play often misses out on.

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