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Xtreme RMD

Post by [RMD]rOckaliEn » Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:50 pm

Today we bring back the idea of the berserk mutator with our very own Xtreme RMD weapons package. Xtreme RMD brings high firing rates with lots of ammo to do some serious damage. All your favorite stock weapons are included, with the Raptor, Goliath, Manta, Scorpion and Hellbender vehicles added for your destructive pleasures.

The Bio Rifle has a faster firing rate, shoots 2 bio globs at a time and the alt fire will give you an extra large bio glob.

The Mine Launcher has faster spider mines and are cloaked when they are not attacking.

The Shock Rifle has a faster firing rate, but be careful when using the combo. You might just be the one laying on the ground.

The Link Gun is a very special weapon. It has a primary fire the shoots 3 plasma balls. Hold down the alt fire at the same time and the plasma will rotate. The alt fire is very wicked with 3 streams of plasma attacking your enemy.

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