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Welcome to [un]RealMassDestruction

            Our dedicated Unreal Tournament 2004 Onslaught server was started in June 2007. [un]RealMassDestruction continues to offer a wide variety of modified maps, featuring many Xtreme weapons of evil and other surprises to challenge those who have become bored with the same old UT2004 gameplay. We do love having new players join us here at RMD, but this is by far not a noob server. We play hard and fast with guns that do serious damage.

            On the right side of the screen are the current details for the Onslaught server. Feel free to be our guest, join us in a game and frag away all you like. Please remember to respect your opponents and follow the rules.

            If you would like to join the forum and become a member of the RMD community, you will find a link in the main menu on the left side of your screen.
16 March 2014

Happy Birthday
11 August 2013
New Maps

            2 new maps have hit the Onslaught server. ONS-DowntownX2-RMD and ONS-TableTop-RMD loaded with your favorite RMD weapons and vehicles.
Check them out. Get your frag on. Let us know what you think.
24 June 2013
Happy 6th Birthday RMD

            6 years ago today [un]RealMassDestruction was born and thanks to all of you, RMD is alive and handing out frags.

Come join our week long celebration. Our holiday map versions will be up for play and a couple of old time favorites we have not seen in awhile will make their way on the server this week.

Thanks again to all of you and hope to frag you soon.
21 June 2013
8 New Maps

            8 new maps have hit the Onslaught server. ONS-Adara-RMD-2, ONS-Ascendancy-RMD-4, ONS-ChainsIsile-RMD-4, ONS-GizaOasis-RMD-1, ONS-HellOfGiants-RMD-1, ONS-MarioLand-RMD-1, ONS-Resilience-RMD-1 and ONS-ValleyFalls-RMD-3 are updated with new weapons and vehicles.

Get your copy today and get fraggin!
1 June 2013
Unreal Tournament 2015?

            GameNacho has noticed Unreal Tournament 2015 listed for the PS4 on the Swedish store Webhallen.

While far from confirmed, it's definitely something we'll be watching. Maybe we can get some confirmation from the guys and gals in Cary, NC.

Thanks to Hal over at Beyond Unreal for posting the news.
22 May 2013
Celebrating 15 Years of Unreal with a Steam Sale!

            It was 15 years ago today that Unreal started appearing on store shelves. Who could forget walking out of Vortex Rikers and seeing Na Pali, and the dreaded Skaarj for the first time.

The Unreal Deal pack is on sale this week for an amazing 75% off. The Deal Pack includes, Unreal Gold, Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition, Unreal 2: The Awakening, Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice Edition and Unreal Tournament 3 Black. That's five games for $10.00!
20 April 2013
Xtreme RMD

            [un]RealMassDestruction was created with the idea of using the berserk mutator until the Weapons of Evil package was discovered. RMD has used various weapons packages over the years, with WoE and Excessive packages being used the most in our maps.

Today we bring back the idea of the berserk mutator with our very own Xtreme RMD weapons package. Xtreme RMD brings high firing rates with lots of ammo to do some serious damage. All your favorite stock weapons are included, with the Raptor, Goliath, Manta, Scorpion and Hellbender vehicles added for your destructive pleasures.

Check out this forum topic for complete descriptions of Xtreme RMD weapons and vehicles.

We are currently hard at work updating maps with the Xtreme RMD package. To get you started we have added ONS-HallOfGiants-RMD-2 and ONS-Skyline-Two-RMD-2 to the server. Get in there and check them out. Stop by the forum afterwards and let us know what you think.

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